we are inspired. we are diverse. we are connected. we are creative. we are lively. we are green. we are sustainable. we are balanced. we are optimistic. we are dynamic. we are inclusive. we are modern. we are thoughtful. we are social. we are passionate. we are urban. we are active. we are innovative. we are evolving. we are united.

we are georgetown. this is our city.

A 10 acre urban community

A bold and energetic 10 acre urban community connected to vibrant retail, tasty bistros, coffee shops, specialty grocers, convenient services and social spaces. Upstairs, your home in the sky awaits, where panoramic views sweep from Mount Baker, across big city lights, to the North Shore peaks.

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go big & go home

The Georgetown Community

With your needs in mind, this progressively designed, vibrant community is comprised of seven residential towers, one mid-rise building, townhomes and over 100,000 sf of new restaurant, office and retail space, bringing an exciting, social and diverse energy to the Surrey community.

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